Kevin Bieksa on Canucks superfan Michael Buble, playing with the Sedins, TikTok and more

Now that Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks defenseman (and fan favorite) Kevin Bieksa has retired, he is getting started on a career in media, which has included working for Sportsnet in Canada and -- while in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic -- doing TikTok videos with his daughter. In an appearance on the ESPN On Ice podcast this week, Bieksa looks back at the infamous 2011 Stanley Cup Final, shares insights on the Sedin twins and Canucks superfan Michael Buble, and identifies which of his former teammates he sees being successful in their second careers in and out of hockey. ESPN: If you were still playing, what would be your mindset right now?Bieksa: If I was still playing, I would be working out really hard every day. Just so when things did possibly start up, I had the edge on everybody. That would be my mindset for sure. So I think I'd definitely be getting up every day -- I mean, I'm not playing and I'm still getting up early every day -- and eating the right things and exercising.

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