Learfield IMG College unveils new analytics platform Fanbase

Learfield IMG College has launched a new analytics platform called Fanbase to drive new revenue for intercollegiate athletics. Fanbase will combine behavioural data sets from official athletics sites with other sources of fan data, including ticketing, digital media, social media and third-party appends. Learfield IMG College will now be able to help universities better understand their fans’ behaviours including how they use social media, where they shop and how they consume content. The firm said in a statement that these insights will help to boost growth across ticket sales, merchandise sales, donations and sponsorship revenue. “Given our connection to so many school partners, we have a responsibility to apply advanced data practices across the collegiate ecosystem to increase fan engagement, grow athletics revenue and extend sponsor brand association,” said Learfield IMG College president and chief executive, Cole Gahagan. “Beyond helping our universities deepen their connection to fans, we’re delivering a game changer in college sports marketing, and especially at this moment in time.

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