Local Advanced TV Advertising Moving Forward During Trying Times

While overall marketing budgets have been hard-hit by the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, local media buyers seem confident that continued advanced television exploration will be part of their evolving plans in the months ahead. In a pandemic-oriented survey of 200 agency media buyers specializing in local and regional advertising conducted last month by Comcast Advertising, 80% said they intend to conduct do some programmatic buying, and fully 91% said they plan to put some of their video budgets toward advanced TV channels such as video on demand, over-the-top, addressable or advanced linear. (Respondents came from among users of Comcast FreeWheel’s Strata buying platform. )In comparison, last October, 79% of local buyers surveyed expressed interest in using ATV. “The events of the past few months have posed a challenge to many agency buyers — especially those who buy for local and regional businesses,” says Maria Weaver, chief marketing officer, Comcast Advertising. But the survey showed that these buyers “aren’t standing still,” she adds.

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