North Dakota Readies Apple, Google COVID-19 Tracing App — How They Did It

The state of North Dakota is preparing to roll out a COVID-19 tracing app based on the technology designed and built by teams at Apple and Google. Care19 Exposure becomes the second COVID-19-related tracing app available in North Dakota under the Care19 Collection of apps. The apps will become available for Android and iOS devices. The first COVID-19 tracing app launched in North Dakota, called Care19, was released a few weeks ago. Once the second app becomes available, Vern Dosche, head of the contact tracing deployment for North Dakota, said the state will rename the first app Care19 Diary, which reflects the ability to use GPS to record the location of the phone every 10 minutes and keep a diary. “We’re waiting for Apple and Google to release the API interface, which we expected in the middle of May,” said Dosche.

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