Peloton Claims ‘Boring’ NordicTrack Maker Copies Fitness Program

Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg Peloton Interactive Inc. filed a lawsuit claiming NordicTrack maker Icon Health & Fitness Inc. copied its interactive fitness programs and lied in advertising to undercut a more popular rival. Icon Health has “attempted to free ride off Peloton’s innovative technology” by integrating patented features that make archived classes seem “live” to users and a way to let two people in different locations access the archived class and compete against each other in real time, Peloton claims. Peloton shares have reached record highs this year as people stuck at home during the pandemic look for ways to stay in shape. Even before going public last year, the company said, there had been a surge in copycats that want to mimic the experience of “live” classes on demand.

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