Performance Ad Dollars Flow In For Google, Publishers, Brands During COVID-19

Advertisers are on the hunt to prove performance. Twitter acquired mobile ad company CrossInstall -- which focuses on performance advertising -- earlier this week, after Facebook’s and Google’s first-quarter revenue numbers held up thanks to the ability to assign measurable goals. Reports overall show a decline in sales, but performance in several affiliate market segments continues to do quite well, according to the Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Sales Index. For the week ending May 9, gift and flowers for affiliate channels rose 499% year-on-year (YoY), indicating a greater number of Mother’s Day purchases. Food and drink rose by 352%, while sports and fitness rose 114%, followed by health and beauty, 100%; home and garden, 69%; accessories and jewelry, 65%; clothing and apparel, and 59%; art, photo and music rose 50%. Computers and electronics fell 14%, probably because most of those working from home had already set up their offices.

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