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The Guide to Streaming Classic Movies on HBO Max

The launch of HBO Max into a crowded streaming arena is well-timed for a moment when people have grown accustomed—or is it resigned?—to clicking around online for something to watch. But HBO Max’s offerings aren’t just mindless time-wasters—the streamer’s playlist has plenty of high-end/deep-cut prestige, pulling from Warner Bros. ’ massive back catalogue and including a generous sampling of titles from Criterion and Turner Classic Movies. There’s great opportunity for exploration there, though it can also be a bit daunting without the carefully curated, contextualizing supplements provided by The Criterion Channel. With that in mind, here’s a list of ten superb movies that aren’t necessarily obscure by cinephile standards but still rate as wonderful discoveries in the context of a populist, mainstream-facing platform. Dead Man (1996) “Why do you have this?” the man asks his lover after discovering a gun by her bedside.

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