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The ‘Justice League’ Movie You Should Actually Watch

Justice League was a giant, lumpen, meandering misfire; a scarcely visible consolidation of several plotlines from DC’s expanding Cinematic Universe. Its abject awkwardness was a result of the film’s 80-20 split between the competing visions of two directors—Joss Whedon’s snappy, colorful propriety and Zack Snyder’s xxxtreme dusky seriousness. Justice League is a movie in which Batman both uses the El Diablo interrogation voice and winces over a minor injury for several comedic beats like a carbon-plated Peter Griffin. #TheSnyderCut—which will actually, finally see the light of day, as announced last week—at least promises some internal consistency, by default. Whatever else it promises—or threatens—is still a ways off. The seed of Snyder’s real story was the “Knightmare” dream sequence in Batman v Superman, where Superman, brainwashed by Darkseid, crushes a small Batman-led resistance after an apparent apocalypse.

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