What changes (and accelerates) in ad tech during a recession

There is a new urgency to lower costs and increase transparency in ad tech, and what might have happened in three years, may happen instead in three to six months. The recession has accelerated a lot of what was already bound to happen and The Trade Desk restricting publishers from selling the same impression via the same ad tech vendor was the tipping point.   Here are five ways the media recession is putting pressure on ad tech. Supply-path optimization intensifies Given SPO is a catchall term for how buyers get the best impressions for the lowest price from as few as ad tech middlemen as possible, it’s no surprise to see it intensify during the downturn. “We have two of these deals worldwide at different stages of execution now that programmatic needs to be more efficient on limited resources for many buyers,” said Jeff Hirsch, chief commercial officer at ad tech vendor PubMatic. These deals are effectively a way for advertisers and agencies to get intel from PubMatic on the impressions they’ve won and lost.

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