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Asteri LiveStream looks to change the game for analytics platforms

How do you go about increasing viewership of a tournament? It’s not always as simple as posting more on social media or bringing in commercial partners to promote a broadcast. How about putting the broadcast in front of thousands and thousands of eyes that all have a common interest in video games? That sounds much better. Asteri LiveStream is a games analytics platform that broadcasts streams on websites of a relevant nature, ensuring that the event suits the audience they’re able to access. There are a lot of takes on embedding broadcasts, but how often do people turn to those provide such a service? Esports Insider spoke with Andy Price, Head of Advertising Sales at Asteri LiveStream, about the platform’s functionality and how it can benefit broadcasters. Esports Insider: Would you be able to give us a bit of background on Asteri LiveStream and your journey as a company? Andy Price: Asteri was founded three years ago by Steve Gray games industry veteran who headed up Tencent Games for a decade, with the goal of creating a revolutionary game analytics platform. Essentially Asteri has built a way for game publishers to test games early and often by tapping into game players across our network of gaming websites.

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