Four tips for adapting your measurement strategy for Covid-19

We've seen and heard how much the coronavirus pandemic is affecting how businesses serve their communities around the world. As business owners make changes to the services that they offer, we know many of you have to reconsider things such as what to do about marketing and how much to spend on ads. Although it's important to focus on what's happening day to day, it's also important for businesses to think through their strategies with both the short and long term in mind. For example, although many current consumer behaviours depart from the norm, such as spending more time on social media due to concerns around Covid-19, behavioural shifts may not extend past the current environment. It's not always easy to understand the affect that different decisions might have, so we've developed resources to help. Below, we've identified four strategies for understanding advertising performance during this time, and our guide - Adapting your ad measurement strategy for Covid-19 impact - goes over each strategy in more detail.

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