Not all categories are created equal when it comes to client-agency relationships

According to reports just released by Aprais, opportunities for marketing optimisation vary by category with the personal care category showing the greatest potential for improvement. Analysis of over 21,000 evaluations conducted by Aprais over the past 20 years shows that improvements in performance of up to 37% are possible through team behavioral change. A new series of category reports shows the potential for improvement by different categories compared with best in class for that category:CategoryPotential improvementAutomotive13%Healthcare12%Household care12%Wine, beer and spirits11%Personal care19%Confectionery11%Retail11%Consumer electronics14%Non-alcoholic beverages11%The category reports (click to download) also reveal how relationships improve with successive evaluations. Benchmarks v gapsBy comparing the scores given by one party (e. g. the agency) of themselves and the score given by another party (the client) we can see the gap in perceptions of performance.

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