The aftermath of George Floyd being killed in police custody has ESPN talent not sticking to sports

Unarmed black man George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis Monday, and his death has sparked outrage across the country, including property destruction, protests, and criticism of the actions of police officer Derek Chauvin (who was fired Tuesday and charged with third-degree murder Friday) by everyone from police chiefs to athletes to coaches to entertainers. There have also been actual sports impacts, such as the University of Minnesota saying they will “limit ties” with the Minneapolis Police Department and no longer contract those officers for campus events, including home games. ESPN has been covering the athlete reactions and the sports impacts, while The Undefeated featured a piece from senior writer Lonnae O’Neal on the sisterhood of black mothers, and many other ESPN figures have also weighed in personally, both on the airwaves and on social media (which is something we’ve also seen from figures at many other sports outlets and networks). For example, here’s what Jalen Rose said on Get Up Friday: #icantbreathe. pic. twitter.

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