Lenovo and Pico announce Mirage VR S3 all-in-one enterprise headset

While Lenovo has gradually refocused its mixed reality ambitions on enterprise customers, it has remained interested in producing headsets that will be shared by average users in classrooms, museums, and doctors’ offices. To that end, the company today announced a new all-in-one enterprise headset called Mirage VR S3, featuring 4K displays and a more easily cleanable face plate deemed “suitable for mass use” in the COVID-19 era.

Interestingly, the Mirage VR S3 was codeveloped with Pico, which recently started shipping higher-end Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye enterprise headsets under its own branding. While Lenovo’s model is similarly capable of standalone operation, it uses a less powerful

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Written by VB

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