Riot Games unveils Reyna, 11th VALORANT agent

May 30, 2020Arda OcalESPN Staff Writer FacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintRiot Games has revealed the newest VALORANT agent. The 11th VALORANT agent, Reyna, is from Mexico. The announcement video posted to Twitter shows 30 seconds of her gameplay, including a brief introduction of her abilities, but no explanation. Her free ability appears to be some kind of healing steal effect, with the voice line "give me your heart!" One bought ability seems to have a blinding effect, perhaps similar to the Phoenix curveball, with the voice line "see nothing!"Her opening line in the teaser video is, "Are those our enemies? This won't take long. " Her primary colors are purple and black. Read more: What we thought of VALORANT's beta | Who pioneered each VALORANT agentThe reaction to Reyna online seems to be very positive.

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