Connected TV advertisers gravitate to multi-DSP model as Amazon, Roku push their own bidders

In connected TV ad buyers’ ideal world, an advertiser would be able to do all of its CTV ad buying through a single demand-side platform. But now that the two largest CTV platforms — Amazon and Roku — operate their own DSPs, the dream of a single-DSP setup is becoming less of a reality for advertisers. Agency executives expect Amazon’s and Roku’s DSPs to become advertisers’ preferred programmatic buying tools on the companies’ respective CTV platforms. In both cases, the platforms’ DSPs receive privileged access to the corresponding companies’ user data, such as Amazon’s shopper data, and exclusive access to some inventory, like Roku’s Roku Channel. However, because both Amazon’s and Roku’s DSPs are primarily oriented around buying ads on their corresponding CTV platforms, advertisers need to use at least one additional DSP to round out their CTV ad buying.   “There isn’t one DSP today that can satisfy all the complexities of connected TV,” said a one agency executive.

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