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Go read this story about how a lost NES game was recovered after 30 years

Digital archivists working with the Video Game History Foundation have discovered a previously lost NES game based on the 1990 film Days of Thunder. The game was co-authored by Chris Oberth, a developer known for the arcade games Anteater, Time Killers, World Class Bowling, and Winter Games for the Commodore 64. Preservationist Rich Whitehouse has written about his weeks-long journey to resurrect the long-lost title, and the saga is worth a read for anyone interested in the challenges of finding and preserving old games.

Oberth died in 2012, but he left behind a trove of old computer hardware from his time as a developer. Then, earlier this year, the hardware was donated to the Video Game History Foundation in the hopes that the nonprofit organization could help to make sense of it.

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