Osso VR taps movie and game vets for cinema-quality surgical training

Over the past two years, the health care industry has been one of the largest adopters of mixed reality technologies, using VR headsets for everything from pain management to training doctors — with no shortage of developers competing for practitioners’ attention. Today, Osso VR is unveiling something that will set its surgical training apart from the pack: A movie-quality visual overhaul of its platform, developed by an Oscar-winning art director and a software/UI team that includes former games industry talent.

Prior to now, VR surgical instruction platforms have largely relied on modestly shaded anatomical models, flat videos, and/or basic user interfaces that don’t replicate medical scenarios with real-world detail or nuance. While early VR training systems have yielded health care benefits — Osso claims its own prior products delivered a peer-reviewed 230% improvement in surgical performance — the visual upgrade will enable doctors to enter believable virtual operating rooms and then interact with lifelike patients whose skin and wounds reflect surgical realities.

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