A lesson on how to sharpen your media approach and better engage an LGBT+ audience

As we enter Pride month, GSK marketer and commercial director at Outvertising Jerry Daykin outlines some do's and don'ts for brands hoping to reach and engage an LGBT+ audience with their media. The majority of the focus of diversity and representation in advertising, quite rightly, looks at the content we are creating, stories we are telling, and our creative executions. Beyond that, marketers looking to promote LGBT+ specific content or those wanting to make their comms more LGBT+ inclusive would benefit greatly from a well-thought-out paid media approach. It's helpful to consider representation behind the camera, and in the partners and media we use If the people helping guide you on this journey have diverse perspectives themselves, you’ll get to a more nuanced output. While Pride month is a great time to address these points, the true opportunity is all year round. Below are some do's and don'ts for marketers hoping to reach and engage an LGBT+ audience with their media.

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