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APTS Voices Support for ‘Broadcast Internet’

(Image credit: APTS) WASHINGTON—Allowing public broadcasters to offer “Broadcast Internet” services via ATSC 3. 0 will help them enhance and expand the public service missions for consumers and government entities alike, according to America Public Television Stations (APTS)In comments to the FCC on a proposed plan to revise ownership rules to help broadcasters deliver IP services via ATSC 3. 0 (aka NextGen TV), APTS noted that the new standard, which combines over-the-air broadcasts with IP technology, will help them better use their spectrum to deliver public services, like datacasting for applications such as remote learning, career training, emergency services, telehealth, Smart Cities connections, precision agriculture and homeland security.  Public broadcasters are already providing such datacasting services via ATSC 1. 0, but by combining the NextGen TV standard with existing LTE and 5G cellular services, they will be able to deliver “Broadcast Internet” services to rural areas currently not covered by wireless carriers, APTS said.  “In addition, even in areas served by wireless providers, Broadcast Internet will enable bandwidth-intense video and other communications enhancements without risk of overload because broadcast is an inherent one-to-many transmission architecture,” APTS said.

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