From occasions to rituals: how isolation will change shared drinking rituals

The Covid-19 crisis has accentuated the importance of shared drinking experiences – and as we exit lockdown people will come together, often, to bond, share and create meaningful memories. So, what can your brand bring to the table?As countries across the world entered isolation in March, many optimistically proclaimed that Easter, a few weeks later, would be the first opportunity for restrictions to be eased – nations rising again after the Covid-19 crisis, as it were. But the fact that Easter and Passover happened amidst the worldwide lockdown has been a potent reminder of the role food and drink play in all of our lives, religious or secular, and that’s bringing people together. Whether it was plans for traditional feasts with extended family or seder ceremonies that were interrupted, few people had the gathering they imagined this year. But despite the upheaval and uncertainty, human creativity (and kindness) shone through. Families and friends met over video chat to break bread and say cheers, held virtual egg hunts and shared their feasts with more people than ever before via social media.

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