How Noble People is taking action and managing employees during a time of crisis

June 3, 2020 by Kayleigh Barber 01 What we learned 02 Event video As groups across the country continue to protest the murder of George Floyd, the current moment can’t be ignored during the daily 9-to-5. Companies are feeling the pressure to respond publicly, but beyond that they have a duty to their employees to know how to better serve them, not just in a time of crisis, but all the time. In order to guide a company through challenging periods, Greg March, CEO of media buying and planning agency Noble People, said managers have to act in line with their values and the beliefs that they exude, otherwise customers, clients and the industry as a whole will see you as faulty.   For the predominantly white company executives and leaders who have historically benefited from the systemic injustices that their black and brown employees are regularly subjected to, March said they have to put in more effort to authentically address the issues within their own company and the social climate at large.   “In the same way that a lot of people have to work harder to achieve some form of the American dream in their lives, I’ve got to work harder to have an even level of moral standing. It starts with owning [your privilege] and recognizing it,” said March.

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