British Esports Association: ‘brands can use gaming to fill the live sports lockdown gap’

The coronavirus-imposed lockdown will provide an opportunity for brands to unlock the power of gaming, and its audiences, according to Chester King, chief executive of the British Esports Association. Speaking in an interview as part of The Drum’s Digital Transformation Festival, King highlighted how the ability for esports events and competitive matches to be played behind closed doors and then streamed online will give the sector an advantage in a world where everything from the Olympic Games to Wimbledon has now been postponed or cancelled. “What is interesting is now all these other sporting events are cancelled, esports has the ability to keep on going,” he said. “My hope is that sponsors who have taken their money out of live sports will have revenue to invest with us. "If more people are going to be self-isolating and playing or watching video games then you can see the potential for brands like Deliveroo or Uber Eats to get involved. "Brands built on enhancing people’s home life are going to realise esports is a great thing to be attached to, and it’s the reason we now work with brands like Coca Cola and Mercedes Benz.

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