How can brands successfully tap into in-app advertising?

From doing our weekly shop to catching up on the daily news, apps have become an engrained and essential part of our daily lives. So it’s no surprise that our appetite for apps saw us download a total of 204 billion of them in 2019 and that latest data shows that usage is surging in lockdown. But are marketers fully embracing the opportunities that can be found in mobile and in-app advertising? And what is the outlook for the channel going forward? We spoke to the IAB’s Mobile In-App Steering Group to get their thoughts. Why is it important to always consider in-app when planning activity?“Adults today spend, on average, around 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their mobile phones. Mobiles play such a crucial role in our lives - they are handy for looking up recipes, allowing us to connect with our loved ones, catching up on important news and keeping us entertained. All of these activities are available via apps, with 90% of all mobile time last year spent in-app.

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