Personalization isn’t the fate of advertising

The hyper personalization of communications might play an important part in transforming our industry, but it can’t (and shouldn’t) be our only way forward, writes Shann Biglione, EVP head of strategy for Zenith New York. Which marketer would look down on the promise to deliver more relevant communications in more precise and efficient ways? In an industry that is constantly asked to deliver more for less, data-driven personalization can only tickle our collective libido. It is the perfect dating platform for CMOs and CFOs, it activates enough parts of the organization to make it a transformational agenda, and it is championed by the almighty tech pageants of the industry. Only King Canute would try to stop the personalization tide from taking over our industry. But as is often the case with new promises, while the semantics are sassy the limits are rarely understood and the implications often romanticized. Yes, personalization can bring benefits both to brands and consumers.

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