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Study: 51% of sports fans watch pirate streams despite 89% owning subscriptions

Getty ImagesMore than half of sports fans use pirate services to watch live sport despite 89 per cent owning legitimate subscription platforms. 29 per cent of fans who use piracy websites say they have paid to access sports content through those services. Just 16 per cent of fans say they never watch sports using an illegal service. A ten-country study of more than 6,000 sports fans has found that 51 per cent still use pirate services to watch live sport on a monthly basis, despite 89 per cent of respondents owning a subscription to a pay-TV or over-the-top (OTT) platform. The Charting Global Sports Piracy report, carried out by Ampere Analysis on behalf of video software provider Synamedia, found that 42 per cent of those who regularly use illegal streaming services watch sports fixtures on a daily basis, which is 60 per cent higher than the average fan. Over a quarter (29 per cent) of those who use piracy websites said they have paid those services for access to sports content, while 31 per cent cited a sporting event not being broadcast locally as a key motivator for using illegal providers.

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