We might be physically distant, but we’re socially together

Ahead of The Drum Awards for the social media industry, Twitter's David Wilding, who chairs the 2020 jury, discusses how social media has played a crucial role in keeping us all connected. In the middle of March, as normal life ground to a halt and our new lockdown lives started to become a reality, the ever brilliant Tess Alps tweeted: “Annoying that it got called social distancing when we really mean physical distancing. We need to keep as close as possible socially, albeit virtually. “Tess doesn’t have the words “wise old bird” in her Twitter bio for nothing because of course this is exactly what has come to pass. Over the last few weeks and months we have indeed been physically distant but socially close, and have leaned on each other socially perhaps more than ever. Social media has, of course, been a huge part of enabling that.

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