‘You’re not going to get it all right’: IBM CMO Michelle Peluso on managing through a crisis

Since mid-March, marketers have been retooling their marketing and advertising plans to deal with the fall out of coronavirus. Now, as protests against police brutality continue across the nation, marketers have to once again think about how they are approaching their advertising as well as how they are managing their teams. Digiday spoke with IBM’s senior vp of digital sales and CMO Michelle Peluso, who recently penned a guide for marketers managing through a crisis, about those topics as well as when she believes advertising spending will return. This conversation has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. How are you approaching managing your team right now? We’ve had a really gut-wrenching past few days here, and I just got off a gut-wrenching call with some of our black leaders. The back-to-back moments of thinking about how are you positioning for your people, clients, brands and in a digital world and society at large — you have to be intently listening, agile and fast, fast, fast.

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