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Asian fans cry out for live digital experiences during shutdown

European football clubs have faced a challenge continuing to engage Asian fans during the pandemic Asian fans are hungry for live digital experiences organised by their favourite teams Clubs have been opening up OTT streaming services for free and making charity donations as part of engagement efforts European football clubs have spent decades nurturing their overseas fanbases. Shorn of their central connection to their teams – coverage of live games – in the last few months, how have those fans been bearing up? SportBusiness spoke to European football fan clubs across Asia to find out. We asked them four questions: With the absence of matches, have fans in Asia-Pac remained engaged with their teams? What have teams and leagues been doing in terms of keeping you engaged? How do you rate their efforts? What else do you think your teams could be doing to keep Asia-Pac fans engaged? The fan clubs were eager to emphasise they understood the difficult situation their favourite teams were in, and mostly praised their efforts to remain engaged with them. But they made clear they craved more live connections with the teams, with the most common suggestions for being more live in-person and digital experiences. Some of the responses have been edited for clarity. Mia san Vietnam fan club – Bayern Munich fan club “In quarantine time, FC Bayern fans in Vietnam have remained engaged with our team in many ways,” a spokesperson said.

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