Have consumers in Asia Pacific changed their digital consumption habits during coronavirus?

The digital consumption habits of consumers, whether globally or in Asia Pacific, has seen tremendous changes in response to the pandemic. It is clear that after stay-at-home measures were imposed, new media behaviors have emerged fueled by disrupted daily routines and crisis-induced anxiety. According to Verizon Media, the owner of Yahoo, in the early days of the pandemic, it noticed a huge surge in the appetite for information and news updates relating to the virus’ global reach and impact, how countries are responding, and health and scientific knowledge about the virus. Not only were more people shifting online, but more people were also consuming news online as they sought trusted sources for consumption. Rico Chan, co-head for APAC at Verizon Media says on Yahoo, the media company saw a massive uptick in content viewers, with a 5000% increase in views for articles on diseases and medical conditions in Singapore and a 5200% increase in views for articles on nutrition in the Philippines. Yahoo also saw an increase in Covid-19 related searches on Yahoo, with 130% in Singapore and 427% in India.

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