Kevin Chesters: why do we persist with predicting?

Why does the advertising industry insist on trying to predict the future? Why does it obsess over the technology and societal trends that are set to come, only to get things spectacularly wrong in the process? Harbour's Kevin Chesters explains his views on how the industry should think long-term in order to be less impacted by unplanned events such as the global pandemic. The image above is from a series called 'En L’an 2000'. Published in France in 1899, it predicts what the world would be like in the year 2000. The one above confidently postulated that we’d all be commuting across the oceans towed by (I think) hypnotised, compliant blue whales. Now, I was pretty banjaxed on the evening of 31 December, 1999, but I’m pretty sure I’d have remembered this if it was a thing. There were many other predictions in this series of postcards - including winged flying firemen, underwater croquet and one that featured something that looked suspiciously like a talking horse.

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