What’s impacting the progress and effectiveness of B2B sales transformation?

Business-to-business companies are, for the large majority, still selling in a traditional way with sales teams on the ground dealing with long sales cycles and negotiations. This way of selling no longer matches the expectations and new behaviors of B2B Buyers who tend to “shop around” favoring smooth digital experiences and limiting their interactions with sales teams. How can businesses adapt to this digital selling shift and reinvent the way they sell?“Shopping around” may exaggerate reality, as it would undermine the importance of the relationship and trust between a vendor and its customers. Yet there is a definite trend of B2B buyers moving to online webstores and marketplaces; they are progressively adopting omnichannel behavior and favoring frictionless buying experiences. This also means that their relationship with salespeople has changed. Today we are seeing only 23% of B2B buyers preferring to deal with vendor salespeople in sales processes (CSO insights, 2018).

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