Brands should seize the retail opportunity as lockdown restrictions lift

Posterscope’s mobility report tells us that more and more people are returning to the streets every week, with a big month ahead of us as all essential stores and car showrooms open from 1 June, and non-essential stores open from 15 June. In addition to a third of the country who can’t work from home returning to work, and unlimited exercise time available, more people will be excited to spend time shopping for the things they haven’t been able to access during lockdown. This is an amazing opportunity for brands to be the ones that people remember in those early shopping trips, during those moments of absolute delight that have been kept from them for the past few months. For some people, it will also be the start of a return to normal journeys, giving some sense that we are past the worst of this deadly disease. China is proof of this. Post-coronavirus, retail sales in the country grew phenomenally when stores were told they could safely reopen, with high-end fashion brands like Hermes delivering $2.

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