Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner on ‘long, sustainable change’

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Google Play | Spotify Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner believes the time is now for change in media and fashion. “I want to see brands, publications, everyone in the industry commit to a long, sustainable change,” Peoples Wagner said on this week’s episode of the Digiday Podcast. Peoples Wagner is a rarity in glossy media: A 29-year-old black woman from a small university in the Midwest, without connections or a rich family bankrolling her initial career. Instead, she worked her way up, moonlighting dressing mannequins and working as a waitress. In October 2018, she was named the top editor of Teen Vogue, which has made a name for itself by melding fashion with social issues. She recognizes her path isn’t for everyone — and media and creative professions need to adapt in order to expand opportunities to underrepresented groups.

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