‘We’ve seen the tide turn’: Publishers benefit from revenue upticks from Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat video

A hopeful sign: Publishers have seen their video ad revenue across Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat recover since hitting bottom in early April. The uptick is driven by increased video production, higher viewership and, crucially, the resurgence of advertisers looking to reach a large audience. As quarantine restrictions loosen, advertisers are running video ads to raise product awareness, providing a much-needed boost to advertising demand. Initially, many advertisers, such as retailers, responded to the coronavirus crisis by reorienting their advertising around retaining existing customers. This pushed them away from video to more traditional direct-response ad formats, like search and social display ads. But over the past three to four weeks, advertisers’ strategies have shifted to attracting new customers, said Natalee Geldert, brand media director at PMG.

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