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FCC Says TV Ownership Rules Don’t Apply to Broadcast Internet via 3.0

(Image credit: FCC) WASHINGTON—The FCC announced today that it will not apply long-standing TV station ownership restrictions to the lease of spectrum to provide “Broadcast Internet” services via the new ATSC 3. 0 advanced television standard. This decision comes in the form of a Declaratory Ruling approved unanimously during the FCC’s June Open Commission meeting. It allows a broadcast TV licensee to lease spectrum to another broadcaster (including one in the same geographic market) or to a third party for ancillary and supplementary service without triggering the FCC’s broadcast attribution or ownership rules. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr previewed the commission’s initiative last month.  The commission said it was an important step in the growth of next-generation data services that will come about from the transition to ATSC 3.

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