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HBO Max temporarily removes Gone with the Wind because of ‘racist depictions’

Following a scathing opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times by 12 Years a Slave writer John Ridley in which he called for the removal of Gone with the Wind from HBO Max, WarnerMedia has done just that — but only temporarily.

In Ridley’s op-ed, he argued that Gone with the Wind doesn’t just “fall short” when it comes to representation, but it’s a film that, “when it is not ignoring the horrors of slavery, pauses only to perpetuate some of the most painful stereotypes of people of color. ” A WarnerMedia representative confirmed to The Verge that Gone with the Wind will return to the streaming service with proper contextual messaging for some of the scenes and themes portrayed in the film.

Gone with the Wind is a product of its time and depicts some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that have, unfortunately, been commonplace in American society,” a WarnerMedia spokesperson tells The Verge.

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