Tony Simpson | Covid-19, Race and Gen Z

Tony SimpsonFor many years I have been advising boards in the sports sector and helping them acquire talent that delivers results in an increasingly competitive and fragmented world. And it remains an undeniable fact that the boardrooms of most of the world’s leading sports institutions are not reflective of their participants or those that follow the sport. In England, the proportion of black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) footballers in the Premier League has more than doubled since the leagues inception in 1992, yet in 2020, we have only one BAME manager and one BAME chief executive. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident, across most major sports, there are more young BAME athletes joining the professional ranks, yet this is not translating into the executive boardrooms, which are mainly BAME free.  Of those with senior positions, many are honorary, and come without the fiscal benefits enjoyed by white colleagues. Whilst organised sport has been contested for hundreds of years, ‘the business of sport’ is in its infancy.

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