TV Viewership Declining to Pre-COVID Levels Amid Reopenings

(Image credit: iStock) LOS ANGELES—With the process of reopening the country underway, linear TV is seeing a decline in the viewership numbers it experienced during quarantine, per a new report from VideoAmp. For markets that were among the first to open—Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio and others (see chart below)—they’re weekly average viewing times have fallen to pre-COVID levels. In these markets, viewing peaked in the “early quarantine period” of March 9-April 12, but have declined to numbers actually slightly lower than January and February of 2020 during the period from May 4-24. (Image credit: VideoAmp)Cities that are still partially closed—New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C. , Chicago and others—have also seen declines in weekly viewership compared to the early days of quarantine, but were still 7% higher from May 4-24 than pre-COVID numbers, according to VideoAmp.

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