How It’s Made: The new LCS HUD

12:39 PM ETEmily RandESPN FacebookTwitterFacebook MessengerPinterestEmailprintA video game Heads-up Display, or HUD, owes its name to modern aircraft. The implication is that information communicated on an HUD is important and relevant to the player experience. Information left off of the HUD in League of Legends involves items, cooldowns or other information on one's opponents that is part of the challenge in winning. In professional esports, detailed information on both teams needs to be available to the viewer, especially in a complex Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game like League of Legends. The challenge lies in discerning what pieces of information are important enough to earn visual real estate on the League of Legends Championship Series HUD, how that information can be represented in the most succinct way possible, and what that information leads the viewer to believe, especially if they don't play a lot of League of Legends themselves. "I have met people who watched LCS before they played League but it is a small, small sample overall," Executive Producer of NA Esports, Dave "RumbleStew" Stewart said.

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