30 for 30 review: Lone Gone Summer

Director:  AJ Schnack Length: One hour and forty three minutes without commercials (airing in a two hour window with commercials) Installment: #110 by ESPN’s count (#111 by my count, counting the O. J. doc as one installment, although ESPN initially counted it as five different 30 for 30s, but now seems to list it separately, not as part of the series. Additionally, one finished project, Down In The Valley, has been suspended from airing. ) Most Similar To: The Price of Gold Grade/Ranking: High 50s out of 110, which I’d give a C+ on a 30 for 30 grading curve. Review: This weekend closes the book on ESPN’s COVID-19 documentary push, which saw the network air two hours of new documentary content every Sunday (typically on both ESPN and ESPN2).

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