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Crew in a Box Helps Celebrities Get Back on Camera

(Image credit: Crew in a Box) LOS ANGELES—Sidelined by COVID-19 from his usual job of directing celebrities in commercials, Ira Rosenswieg decided to invent a way to get back to work. His creation, called Crew in a Box, has him back to work this week, shooting for a campaign for BET and Burger King that will debut during the "BET Awards" on June 28. Crew in a Box is a self-contained kit that opens up into a remote-controlled device for producing high-quality video so simple to use that even famous people will let it into their homes, said Rosensweig, who shot Fox’s Super Monday Super Bowl commercials and has worked with A-listers like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Peyton Manning and Seth Rogen. After the pandemic stopped most production, Rosensweig noticed commercials using stock footage and animation. “I knew that they’d probably be interested in having celebrities address the camera where they are saying ‘hey, I’m so and so. Watch my show or buy this product,” he said.

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