Engaging sports fans during lockdown

We’re halfway through June, and March seems like a very distant memory at this point. Football leagues and sports events were officially halted a few months ago with the start of lockdown and fans were left with a matchday-sized hole in their weekends. This was very quickly filled by some very creative sports brands adapting to the change – and it has paid off. The role that social media played on a typical weekend matchday was one of a second screen – to provide information and build excitement ahead of a fixture as well as provide fans with stats and expert analysis during or after a game. In this period without live sport, fans have naturally turned to social media to fill that void but in a very different way. Since lockdown began, social media usage in the UK has increased by 40% and has forced sports brands to think creatively to bring the emotion of sport to an audience that’s so hungry to engage – but without actual new sport to talk about.

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