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The most popular esports events of May 2020

Esports Insider collaborates with esports analytical firm Esports Charts to take a look at event viewership on a month-by-month basis. There isn’t a standard viewership metric that’s utilised and agreed upon by all parties in the industry at this point in time so it’s not always possible to compare events with a fair approach. Peak viewership isn’t the best way to see just how many people watched throughout an event, but comparing average audience numbers also has its problems considering some events can last a day and others a month. With that in mind, we’ll be utilising peak viewership to observe the maximum audience that esports events are attracting. Here are the results for esports events in May 2020! Most popular tournaments of April 2020 Credit: Esports ChartsIn terms of peak viewership, the Mid-Season Cup from Riot Games’ ever-popular title League of Legends takes the top spot. Pitting the top four teams from both China and Korea against each other, the event reached almost 600,000 concurrent viewers at one point.

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