Footballer Eniola Aluko to talk about why women’s sports has never been more important at the Digital Transformation Festival

There was perhaps a moment in time where women’s sport was unfairly pushed to the sidelines, but since 2019 female athletes have never been more visible. And nothing quite capturing the nation’s imagination like the women’s football World Cup last year. The magical moments such as England making the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup, Barclays investing significantly in the FA WSL, and Jasmin Paris setting a new record for the famous 268-mile Spine Race - these were triumphs witnessed by a record audience. And as consumers demand more representation and diversity, and less male-orientated perspectives, you can expect women’s sport to reach another level in the 2020s, as brands increasingly look for inspiring female athletes to become their ambassadors. The Drum, in partnership with Iris, has put a stellar cast of panelists to talk the rise and rise of women’s sports and how brands are beginning to come round to the idea that female sports can pull in huge audiences and plenty of potential customers. Eniola Aluko, sporting director of Aston Villa’s women’s team will be included on the panel.

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