Ask Keith Weed: what is the most progressive way of recruiting top marketing talent?

Each week, revered marketer and president of the Advertising Association Keith Weed, who will be one of the headliners at The Drum's Can-Do Festival, will take questions from marketers around the world, using his experience to help solve their problems. ​Syl Saller, chief marketing officer, Diageo: Keith, as you know, we are only as good as our team and talent pipeline is one of the biggest issues facing chief marketers today. What have you found to be the most progressive and effective ways of recruiting top, senior-level talent?Keith: Syl, I think you’re right in identifying that there is a different challenge in recruiting top senior talent into marketing today. It seems many companies invest in building the capability of younger talent and then, at a certain stage, you are somehow meant to know it all and the training dries up. This means there is a great deal of good quality senior talent in marketing not being developed for the challenges ahead. It’s left to the senior talent to be curious and invest in themselves with ongoing learning to refresh their skills and capabilities for the new marketing world.

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