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AT&T turned HBO Max into a superhero with a comic book

I don’t think of streaming services as heroes, mostly because streaming services are not real people, and most of them are owned by multibillion-dollar conglomerates with no interest in saving the world. But AT&T and WarnerMedia want to change that by fashioning their new platform HBO Max as a superhero team.

A new comic book launched by DC Comics in partnership with WarnerMedia, To The Max will “feature stories about ordinary people achieving their maximum potential when they transform into extraordinary superheroes with the help of another new character, ‘Max the dog. ’” An important note: WarnerMedia phrases the new comic book as a partnership in the press release, but WarnerMedia owns DC Comics and AT&T owns WarnerMedia, making this less a “partnership” and more a perfect example of the soullessness of corporate synergy.

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