How Vox developed new video programming remotely

Chad Mumm, svp of entertainment at Vox Media Studios, had his “oh shit” moment during the onset of the pandemic while he was on set to shoot the first episode of a three-year multi-show deal with Hulu. The set was built, the craft services table was set and Chrissy Teigen and David Chang were locked in and ready to go. Then, Tom Hanks was confirmed to have Covid-19, the NBA canceled its season and a realization set in that the show could not go on as originally planned.   Vox’s studio was operating on a very finely tuned schedule this year having doubled production from last year. All 12 shows that were on the production calendar has been coordinated carefully against each other, Mumm said, and in one day, that schedule was blown to bits. “Everything went dark for us,” he said.

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