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‘Insecure’ Circles Back to the Show’s True Love Story in the Season 4 Finale

“Is that a deal breaker?” Lawrence asks that question to Issa just minutes into the Season 4 finale of HBO’s Insecure, a show comprised of relationships routinely at the mercy of deal breakers. They’re in an outdoor market in Los Angeles, happy together, 35 episodes older and wiser than when viewers first met Lawrence and Issa in 2016 when the show originally debuted. Issa is now a budding event planner; Lawrence not only has an offer for a new job in San Francisco, he’s been promised a corner office, an assistant, and a relocation fee. Thus, the deal breaker: Would Lawrence moving cities for work ruin the relationship he and Issa have recently rekindled? Issa says no. “If we want this to work, it’ll work. ” And not just as a long-distance relationship.

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