‘The glass is half full for me’: Martin Sorrell’s optimistic take on recovery

S4 Capital executive chairman Martin Sorrell describes himself as “a bit more optimistic than most. ” In the early throes of the coronavirus, Sorrell was one of the few executives predicting a “V-shaped” recovery in the marketing services business: describing a graph showing a rapid decline, but then a sharp rebound back to normal. Sorrell said at Digiday’s Programmatic Marketing Summit Live last week he’s slightly amended that shape to a “reverse square root”: a sharp decline, swift initial rebound, but taking a little longer to return to normalized levels of spending. Sorrell also discussed marketers’ responses to coronavirus and the huge global conversation around equality and race following the killing of George Floyd. He also hinted at the upcoming acquisitions S4 has in its sights. This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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